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Need to run from Global VDOM

FW2 # c g

FW2 (global) # diagnose internet-service match VDOM
Internet Service: 393217(Amazon-Web), matched num: 1

FW2 (global) # diagnose internet-service id | grep -i unifi
ID: 7340160 name: "Ubiquiti-UniFi"
FW2 (global) # diagnose internet-service id 7340160
Version: 00007.01716
Timestamp: 202107162231
Number of Entries: 1
Internet Service: 7340160(Ubiquiti-UniFi)
Protocol: 6 Port: 80 443
IP range(206):

So the Ubiquiti-UniFi doesn’t have the right endpoint for Unifi cloud-key devices that also need port 8883

Fortigate Internet Service DB lookup
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