In early versions of the appliance, we downloaded a new OVA, and the new appliance migrated config from the old and took over duties. That was pretty simple, but things got even easier with v3.0. In place upgrades.

Simply type “puresw list” to see where you are and “puresw upgrade” to update. But I have also notice that there is a system package update – even when no appliance upgrade is needed.

The Pure packages are containers which are easily upgraded, but also note here there is a note saying that system packages have updates available. How do you update those?

Simply trigger an update on the vm-analytics-collector

puresw upgrade start vm-analytics-collector

Not exactly difficult – but also not exactly clear from the help or online documentation:

Run the pureswupgrade start vm-analytics-collector command to perform the updates.
This command updates both the OVA (pure-vmware-appliance) and the collector.

Upgrading the Pure Storage Analytics VM
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